Design For Planet systemic design workshop

Alastair Somerville
3 min readApr 9, 2023
Design for Planet systemic design framework
Systemic Design Framework by Design Council

Making change

Are you concerned about the climate crisis and want to make a difference?

Join one of our upcoming workshops that will equip you with the tools and knowledge to approach the climate crisis from a systemic design perspective.

We are currently collaborating with the Design Council in the UK.

Alastair Somerville is developing facilitation materials based on their Systemic Design Framework to help achieve their mission of designing for the planet.

The FREE full-day workshop will focus on starting a climate crisis project and bringing together individuals from different communities, with diverse perspectives and variable levels of knowledge or commitment.

Our goal is to help align our efforts towards a common purpose and foster a sense of hope for change.

At the workshop, we will use various design tools and techniques to help you kickstart your climate crisis project. We will also provide a safe space for you to express your emotions and talk explicitly about your projects and your feelings towards change.

Workshop plan

The day plan is simple.

We meet together. Share our experiences and interests to center on being human, together.

Then Alastair will explain the Design Council’s mission and what they have developed.

How to help people realise that change is possible and that tools are available to help is the key goal.

We will use the cards shown here to chat about the 4 characteristics of changemakers and the new systemic design framework.

Systemic Design diagrams on mats with mugs of coffee
Systemic Design
4 characteristics of changemakers
Characteristics of Changemakers

We will try out two or three of the systemic design framework tools: currently the methods related to storytelling, changemaking, connection and mapping community strengths seem most important. We will choose the tools on the day after the opening discussions.

The workshop is testing both how the tools work and whether they are the appropriate way of enabling climate crisis projects by individuals and organisations.

You get the opportunity to share time learning techniques that may help you in your work. The Design Council gains knowledge of how to best support designers and activists in the Climate Crisis.


There are three workshops currently organised.

The workshops are free full-day events (coffee/tea but not fully catered)

The dates are:

  • Stroud 19th April at The Sub Rooms
  • Bristol 20th April at CX Partners
  • Online 27th April on Zoom

Join in today

If you want to join in then Contact me. Direct message me thru the Comments or use the Contact Us page on Acuity Design website. There are limited places but all events still have spaces.

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