Last week, research showed there was no real difference between male and female brains.

This reminded of me of the two biases that people, particularly in the Western nations, find difficult to let go off.

  1. That you are one person
  2. That dichotomy is useful

These two ideas causes huge amounts of problems as they lock people down to believing that there is only one right way they should react (in order to remain consistent to the ideal of only one person) and only a delimited way of thinking about problems and opportunities (this or that, them or us, the one thing or the other).

However, both in nature and artifice, we are not one person and we are not trapped by the pro or con arguments.

Diversity is normal because it is part of all of us.

We are all a swirling mixture of identities, both conscious and unconscious, of genders and races. There is no one person in any of us.

We are neuro diverse, we are gender diverse, we are race diverse.

All of us. All of the time.

To let go of the cage of one stable identity is to let go of all the reasons to hate other people for not being like you.

Purity and beauty are not in one thing. They are many things together. The mixture is the art, not the separation.

Humans have evolved to deal with complexity by using imagination and social conversations to sort out meanings and take action (not always the right action but action).

The diversity of You is part of that process. The brilliance of You is that there are so many of You.

The reduction of arguments to Pro or Con, to people to Us or Them and places to Here or There is a trap created by the idea of a single identity.

If only one You is valid then many arguments cannot anchor to that single point. To believe in one other alternative may break that sense of unitary uniqueness.

This is the fault in many arguments. The removal of the complex as it interferes with the core simplicity.

Diversity is normal because there are many alternatives. Many You’s mean many ideas and many choices.

Again, the complexity that is feared is solved through the diversity of identities and voices. Our many selves and our many conversations create the solutions.

The opportunity now is that social media and web-based services are fully capable of supporting this diversity yet many are fearful of the change.

In particular, the people in political power find the many voices speaking out hard to listen to. The parties set up (in the UK and USA) on hard dichotomies find it hard to change their approaches.

We live in a world formed around 2 strong biases and we need to get past them to discover our real abilities to solve problems as humans.

Sensory Design Consultant, usability researcher and workshop facilitator. Twitter @acuity_design & @visceralUX

Sensory Design Consultant, usability researcher and workshop facilitator. Twitter @acuity_design & @visceralUX