Familiarity and empathy in design awareness

Cognitive Accessibility

I was facilitating a workshop a few weeks ago on the design issues in Cognitive Accessibility.

Familiarity as a trap

When a person behaves in certain ways, people normally identify that behaviour with what they have encountered before. The familiar pattern is what they presume to be true

Empathy for the right person

Secondly, this scenario shows how easily empathy is applied to the wrong people.

Designing for inclusion

Finally, to come back to the opening issue of airline seats and the essential need to recline, there is a problem for everyone about how to discover and design for personal needs with respect.



Sensory Design Consultant, usability researcher and workshop facilitator. www.linkedin.com/in/alastair-somerville-b48b368 Twitter @acuity_design & @visceralUX

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