IXDD23 and equitable design models

It is IXDD (World Interaction Day) today. A day about interaction design and the theme this year is Ethics, Equity, +Responsibility.

I have used some of the content from my talk at Accessibility Scotland a few weeks ago to talk about bias in models. The core issue is that we cannot enable equitable spaces if we use tools embedded with consumerism, compliance and control.

The 8 minute talk is on Youtube and is captioned.

When I talk about leaving the place or space: I am a white man and this is a discussion of historic privilege. My getting out of the way is good, it is not true for people who come from different backgrounds than me. It is however, something that needs to be made more explicit within design teams.

Originally published at https://acuity.design on September 26, 2023.



Alastair Somerville

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