Understanding your diversity to design for everyone’s diversity

Alastair Somerville
2 min readMar 6, 2017


I’m bringing together a lot of work and research into a new one-day workshop.

It’s about understanding the power of designers and empowering users.

  • How to provide a good foundation to designers to trust their abilities and understand the breadth of their capacities?
  • How to transfer that power to users, to people, so they can be more connected to their own memories, communities and capacities?

It uses my work in user experience, service design and usability with workshops for companies, like Google, and conferences, like UX Week and O’Reilly Design.

Stronger designers.

Stronger users.

Better products.

Understanding yourself, empowering others

This diagram shows the main themes of the day.

In the morning, it is about understanding yourself and how to design in a more human-centered way through sensory and emotional design concepts.

In the afternoon, it is looking at new ideas of usability from indigenous research and human-centered practice.

A workshop for humans

The workshop is themed around design but it is open for anyone who works with people to develop products and services.

It is a workshop about understanding the power of diversity.

How realising your own breadth and depth makes designing for the other people easier.

The more you understand your power and pass it to users, the more confidently you can design.

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Alastair Somerville

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