Wayfinding in places and projects

Alastair Somerville
1 min readAug 16, 2022
Four quadrant canvas for ABCD

I use a simple framework when planning wayfinding projects. It is called ABCD.

You can learn a lot about the framework in the 30 minute talk I gave at Webexpo 2022 in Prague. The following link has both video of me talking and the slides — Successful Journeys.

A new workshop canvas

The canvas at the top of this post is a prototype for use in new workshops.

Wayfinding theory is not just about helping people find their way in physical places.

All wayfinding is about helping the creation of individual cognitive maps and the design of information artefacts that enhance a person’s ability to find their way and assist them when lost.

Good wayfinding works in:

  • Physical places like buildings and town centres
  • Digital spaces like websites
  • Virtual places like the Metaverse
  • Projects kick offs and management

The workshop I am designing will be offered both as a general workshop for people interested in the theory and practice and an in-house workshop to deal with specific project and place issues.

Do Contact Us if you are interested in wayfinding and learning more.

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